I know a lot of moms tend to feel guilty about their parenting-for lack of a better word. Am I spending enough time with my children? Am I teaching the right things? Was I too lenient? Was I too harsh? Why does my child do that or act that way? How can I get him/her to eat veggies? The list could go on and on. All of these are valid concerns and questions we have swirling around in our minds each day. Thoughts about our children consume us. This isn’t a bad thing-it’s just that, ultimately, we know that God has a plan for us and our children. But does that really change our thought pattern? I mean, be honest. Does it? There is one major commonality in all of those questions. I, I, I, I, I…..sure they’re about our children, but who are we really putting the main focus on?

In church the other day we read Genesis 15 and our pastor spoke about God’s big plan for Abram. He spoke about how a lot of the time we focus on what God’s plan is for us and how we often get hung up on the “I” in the plan. For me, this rang so true. On a daily basis I pray for our family and am so thankful for the blessings we have already received and will continue to receive. But God’s plan goes so far beyond myself and our little family. Abram failed and so will I. That in no way means that God’s plan can’t come to fruition in my life or my family, if I am faithful. No matter what challenges, shortcomings, or failures you may have, you can’t mess up God’s plan if you are being faithful to Him. Sure,  you won’t be perfect in that either. But as a mother, don’t worry so much about yourself or what you are doing with your children. God didn’t call you to be a perfect mother or wife. He called you to be His “good and faithful servant.” Once you realize the spotlight isn’t on you and what you can do “perfectly”, then you can start to relax.

Of course, continually pray for your children and family. Love on them your best. After all, your best is all your kids really need and God needs. Wait for what God can do when you forget about doing everything right and are just faithful to Him. His plans are incredible and far more greater and more fun than what you can actually dream up. His plans reach far beyond what you will ever get to see. Abram didn’t have the pleasure of seeing the fullness of God’s plan before he passed, he got to see some, but not all. I pray you get to see some of God’s plan through your children as you pray over them day in and day out. Just remember, it will pay off more than you will probably ever see.

So, as you go about your week, I pray that you would enjoy the moments you have with your children. Loving on them, playing with them, praying for them and with them, snuggling them, disciplining them, and watching them grow. It’s a difficult season at times, but it’s just a season. Soon enough they will be out of your home and you will be asking yourself, “Did I do enough?” Rest assured momma, as you are faithful to God- you ARE and HAVE done enough. God has the rest. So rest and enjoy. The spotlight isn’t on you, after all.

4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Love it Bek!! Seasons! My church is seeking “experienced MOMs”’to mentor “new MOMs”. Hubby said to sign up; I thought it laughable! Sure, I have older kids but it is still a new season. For me. I don’t know what I am doing in this season, really. Uncharted waters for sure. Possibly, I could shed some spotty wisdom for the newbies. Maybe.

    What could be conveyed by me? There is this: Loving Jesus and teaching Truth from the beginning of my sweet babies lives brings a different level of peace and rest for today AND for tomorrow. For everyone. Knowing I will see my babies in Heaven, with me and my peeps, is everything. For eternity. With Jesus. What a beautiful season!!


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