My mom gave me a piece of advice that an older woman gave her before she got married many years ago. It stuck with her and it has always stuck with me. It was basically something like, “don’t get mad about having to pick up your husbands socks (or whatever item) because some other woman would love to be picking up his socks.”

{Now, times have changed a bit and more women are working outside of the home, so hear me husbands, help your wife out. It’s not that hard to help with the laundry, dishes, or mop the floors. Just help.}

I remember my Dad walking in the house after work and stripping his scrubs right when he got in the door so that he could play with us immediately. I don’t remember him putting his scrubs in the laundry hamper though. I know more often than not I saw them in a pile on the floor next to the garage door. I’m sure this was a discussion with my parents. I can’t imagine it not irritating my Mom to some extent. However, this is what I do remember for sure. My Dad always played with us the moment he got home. Didn’t take a second to do anything else. This gave my Mom time to start/finish dinner up and have a moment to herself. Even if that moment was filled doing things for her family still. I never remember hearing her say a word about his clothing not being put in the hamper that was literally two feet away. I always remember her commenting on how nice it was to have such a hands on husband with the kids because she was able to get work done or collect her thoughts. She didn’t complain about the sock! Now, maybe she did, but I don’t remember it. It made for a peaceful home. Can you imagine if the first thing she said when he walked through the door was, “put your clothes in the hamper!” Instead, he got precious time with the three of us that he had missed out on all day and she got precious time alone and time to cook.

Now, back to the advice. Don’t get bent out of shape over the small things. Your kids/husbands, even you, are going to leave things out of place from time-to-time, probably more times than not. Instead of getting mad over that stupid sock in the hallway, literally look at it today and think about how grateful you are for that sock. Life would be so different without your husband around and so many women would love to be in your position. The same goes for your kids things. Yes, they’re annoying at times but so many men and women love to have a child just like yours. So, for goodness sake, pick up the sock and thank God for the fact that you had to pick it up. You’ll have a more peaceful home for it.

Here’s your laundry tip for the day- put things that can’t be put in the dryer in a lingerie bag. Then whomever does the laundry knows not to dry that article of clothing. People, this can literally save your marriage. You’re welcome.

P.S. The laundry tip has worked in the past beautifully. However, over the weekend J decided to put the lingerie bag in the dryer. It was a tennis skirt. Not the end of the world, but I don’t put those in the dryer. Workout clothes are ridiculously expensive and those need to stay nice. I was so irritated. I caught it before it had even barely gotten dry, but we had a discussion about what those bags are for again. Ha!

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