Easy Healthy Green Smoothie

If you’re anything like me you sometimes have a difficult time getting your kiddo to eat certain foods. Sometimes, he doesn’t want to eat at all. At 19 months it’s not an easy task to say, “just try one bite.” He doesn’t quite understand that concept yet. On insta today I shared an easy healthy green smoothie. We have this almost daily. Whether it’s for breakfast or a snack, maybe even a full meal sometimes it gives him and us nutrients we all need every day.

This is such an easy throw together smoothie in under 5 minutes. We all love it! Hopefully you will too! I know mornings can be crazy too. If you want to make it ahead at night you definitely can. **My only suggestion is to use frozen spinach instead of fresh for overnight. It tends to have a different taste that is just ‘off’ to me when fresh spinach sits in the fridge overnight mixed with everything else in the smoothie.


1/2 c. of spinach (fresh or frozen) **read above for suggestion

2 T. of frozen pineapple, mango. or peach. I usually do 2 T. pineapple and 2 T. mango!

1 T. flaxseed or chia seeds

2 T. of vanilla yogurt (we use whole milk yogurt, but any kind would work or you can omit this step)

1 whole banana or 1/2 (fresh or frozen)

1 c. water

Additional ingredients:

1/2 c. almond milk


2 T. avocado

Protein powder

Put all items in blender and voila you are done! So so easy!!

Make sure to put your water or almond milk in the bottom of your blender. It will blend more easily. Let me know if you try this easy smoothie!

Our favorite blender is a Vitamix. It truly breaks everything down and does a ton of cool stuff. We use ours daily and have been for 4 years. It’s held up great!!

Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Vitamix-Explorian-Professional-Grade-Low-Profile-Container/dp/B07CX95VRT/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=vitamix&qid=1569352662&sr=8-3

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