I could stare into our son’s eyes for hours on end and never get bored. He has these big bright beautiful blue eyes that you could get lost in. Everyone always comments on his eyes-they are truly spectacular. Full of wonder and complete innocence.

Unfortunately they will not always be so full of innocence. Our world has this terrible way of taking away our children’s innocence.

Because as much as you want them to stay young and innocent forever, they won’t. And honestly, don’t you want them to go on to live a God-centered, happy, exciting life outside of your home? Of course you do.

It’s a difficult thing to be a parent though. Nobody can prepare you for the mixed feelings you have all the time. You want them to be able to play on their own, eat on their own, make friends, etc. At the same time, you want to play with them, help them with their food, be their only friend, etc. Its a conundrum that I most certainly wasn’t prepared for. In the midst of every day life I’m constantly trying to find the balance between being right next to our son and giving him some space. I don’t want to miss one thing. He won’t be this young forever and he’s already showing how independent he can be and wants to be. While I’m excited for that and for him because it is totally normal, I’m also heartbroken. Maybe heartbroken is a bit far…but you understand what I mean.

As I notice him wanting more independence I find myself wanting to gaze into his eyes more and pray for him more. So, I am doing just those things. I want to and need to. I want to be aware that he won’t always be in our home and I won’t be around for all he does. I won’t always get to touch his little hand as I pray for him. I won’t always get to steal kisses throughout the day. But for now, I am able to do these things, so I am going to relish in these moments. These moments are fleeting, but they are oh so sweet. Those eyes of his are oh so sweet.

I encourage you to take time everyday to truly look into your child’s eyes and see the sweet innocence they posses. One day you will look and it will no longer be that way. One day you will look and see the weight of the world on their shoulders. You will see the sadness. You will see the pain.


One day you will look and you will see the fruits of the spirit and wisdom. You may not see the innocence anymore, but as you pray for, over, and with your child, God hears you. He hears your prayer for your child to know Him even amidst the chaos, confusion, and pain of the world.

He hears you. He sees you. He knows your heart.

One day you may not see the innocence anymore.


One day. You will see Christ in their eyes.

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