You can’t be prepared for what you will have to do as a mother. I promise you. You will feel prepared before your first child. You will have diapers, the carseat, the cute outfits, burp cloths, pacifiers, and the list goes on, but you aren’t prepared. Take my word for it. I had been a teacher and a nanny. I thought I had this in the bag. I didn’t. Far from it. I mean, I was nervous, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound too cocky. However, I didn’t feel as though I was so ill prepared for motherhood. Today, I had to call a church we visited, let me repeat myself…VISITED, to tell them that I needed to know what kind of snack our son had because I had found blood in his stool. I’ll let you take a moment to let that sink in.

These poor people. I could tell they were scrambling. I didn’t blame anything on them, I just needed to cover all my bases. I tried to be overly kind so that we could go back and continue to learn more about their church. We loved this church after two visits and wanted to continue to check it out. Really, do you honestly think I was prepared for this kind of conversation with complete strangers? Nope! Never thought I would have to have that conversation. I was tripping over myself to be kind so that they wouldn’t think I was a crazy person. They probably still do because I was so over the top nice. Anyway, our son was fine and all was well at the doctor.

You can’t be prepared for the late night feedings or the tantrums that happen right after you give your child the one things they’ve been wanting for the last couple of minutes. You can’t be prepared for the heartache and worry you have when dropping your child off at daycare or some kind of childcare for the first time. You can’t be prepared for the mom’s that are just rude and want to compare themselves to you, when all you want is to make a friend that is in the same season as you. Motherhood is hard. It’s just that simple.

You can’t be prepared. BUT you are equipped. You are equipped by the one true God that made you your child’s mother. It doesn’t matter if it is through IVF, naturally, or adoption. You are your child’s mother and God has equipped you fully. Even when you don’t feel prepared or able, God has equipped you with everything you need.

Take the story above. I have no idea why I called the church. No one suggested it to me. I just knew I had to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Do you know why? God equipped me. He equipped me to know who to call, when to call, and what questions to ask. He wants our son to live a long and prosperous life and part of that is me doing my job well. Which means, no matter how unprepared I am, God will equip me in those moments I need most whether or not I realize it is happening.

That is the good news. You are equipped even when you don’t feel it. Enjoy the craziness of motherhood and be glad to know that someone so much more powerful and wise than you has got your back.

It’s not all bad or scary either….

You also can’t be prepared for the first time you actually hold your child. You can’t be prepared for the sweet hand that lays on yours when you are feeding your newborn. You can’t be prepared for the sweet cuddles and the sweet baby breath. You can’t be prepared for the first time your child sits up on their own or takes those first steps. Gah-the joy and fear all wrapped into one. You can’t be prepared for the first time your child says a word, any word. You can’t be prepared for how sweet those little slobbery kisses are. You can’t be prepared for the first time your child is sick and how you wish you could take it all on so that they wouldn’t ever have to feel any kind of pain.

You can’t even be prepared for the wonderful moments in motherhood (parenthood). There is truly nothing like it. It’s one of the greatest gifts God could give us.

Outfit Details:

Black jeans, cardigan (runs large), black t-shirt, loafers (old) similar here.

Crimson pants, black jacket, winter hat, shoes

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