Instagram has become a funny place. It’s incredibly fun to see what is going on in other peoples’ lives and see what new things are out there from influencers. It’s also hard at times. It’s hard to see others doing what you would love to be doing or buying what you would like to buy but can’t at the moment. I did a try-on today and am so blessed to be able to buy things from time-to-time. J also knows that I am going to find a deal. I am going to find a deal on whatever I am buying because honestly, at some point what I am wanting goes on sale. I rarely pay full price for anything. I say that because he isn’t worried about what I am going to spend all the time. Our budget is important and yours should be too.

I did an instagram story today about not needing things. Then I went on to say that I *needed* these clothes for certain reasons. Hear my heart on this. I take pride in how I look. There is nothing wrong with this. I haven’t had a “real” job for a couple of years now and I was quickly realizing that because of that my wardrobe was failing me when it came to nice engagements like church, weddings, family outings, etc. I found some items on major sale and took advantage of it. I know it may look like we can afford a lot and honestly we are very blessed. I can’t buy it all though. My job is not an “influencer” on instagram. I really don’t know what all I am doing with this. Of course, I would love to make money at all the time and effort I am putting into my blog and instagram, but that may never happen. However, my goal in doing this is to encourage, empower, and bring up women in all areas. My goal is to make you feel beautiful even when you can’t buy what I am showing. My goal is to make you feel that you are enough. Money can’t buy confidence. Money can’t buy kindness. Money can’t buy you a relationship with God. So, no matter how many clothing, skincare, or baby items I share, do not feel less than. I have had to learn to not feel less than or feel that I need to buy things to be part of a group. It’s really a good life lesson.

Instagram can build a wonderful community if you let it. Instagram can also tear you down if you let it. Don’t let an app control how you view yourself. View yourself how God views you. Beautifully and wonderfully made. Clothed with strength and dignity. *Proverbs 31*

I know it is difficult sometimes. I know. I will still share the things I enjoy on this incredible platform, but I pray that I will never make you feel less than. I’m just thrilled to have you here. I’m thrilled to possibly make a new friend. I’m just thrilled quite frankly. This has been so fun for me and I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve met people that can afford WAY more than I can, but they are still so kind. It’s good to have friends in all places. Cue Garth Brooks.

Enjoy this platform. Be kind, be encouraging, be loving, and just be you.

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