I will be sharing clothing on here as a passion of mine. I will be sharing about Christ as the greatest love of mine. I will be sharing about motherhood as it is my world right now. I will be sharing about marriage, travel, and how-to’s. I love my husband. We love to travel when we can. I love to help others when I have something of value to offer.

God never said we couldn’t enjoy other things. He said to not put other things above Him. His greatest example of this to me is that we have friendships, marriage, children, hobbies, things that make our hearts excited. He wouldn’t have shared these things with us if he didn’t want us to experience things outside of Him. We have an incredible God that loves us so much that he has given us earthly pleasures. These pleasures can quickly become our whole world though.

The idea is that we are to put God first in all that we do. Check our motives in what we are doing regularly. See where our heart lies. Is it in Christ and listening to what He wants us to do? Or is it our own selfish desires? Our selfish desires can get in the way of God’s plan, but more often than not they won’t stop God’s plan, thankfully. It just might slow things down a bit.

I think my favorite part of being a daughter of Christ is knowing that my value and worth is found in Him and not in other things. I think my other favorite part is knowing that God has instilled things in my heart that I fully believe I will get to see to fruition one day. I don’t think that those passions and desires are there for no reason. I don’t think that God is trying to lead me on like my high school boyfriend. I don’t think God is playing a mind game with me. I truly think God is saying, “just wait and see.” I know I have to work hard for those passions and desires though. It isn’t just going to fall into my lap. I know that does happen for some people from time-to-time, but that isn’t the norm. If you want and yearn for something that isn’t detrimental to yourself or to others then I believe that want and yearning was placed there by God. The timing may be different than what you are expecting, but don’t let timing throw you off. Work hard, be smart, be patient. Take time with the Lord to listen and pray. Take time in the Word. God will show you. He wants the best for you.

How do I know that? I want only the best for bubs in all areas of his life. The Word tells me that God loves me even more than I love my own son. Therefore, He wants the best for me. It’s just that simple.

Go for your passions and lean into those desires of your heart. God will show you what to do with them and how to go about using those things, while keeping Him first in your life.

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