As I put bubs down for bed this afternoon I could feel him completely relax with my arms tightly around him. He has been sick and has just needed a little extra love and attention. Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid? When I was sick all I wanted was at least one of my parents always around. I wanted to know they were there-just there, close by. I also wanted to be in their bed. There was just something magical about being in mom and dad’s bed when I was sick. It felt like a giant hug.

He has no idea how comforting it is to me when he relaxes in my arms though, sick or not. There is something so powerful in knowing you are needed and wanted. It’s an instant confidence booster. Not only that, it’s just human nature to want to feel needed and wanted.

I pray that as Christmas and the new year quickly approaches you feel needed and wanted. This can be a joyous time of year and a sad time of year for some.

If you are one of the blessed few that this is a completely joyous time of year then take a moment to realize just how blessed you are. Take a moment to slow down and realize that not everyone is as happy as you are. Give people a break when they seem upset, angry, or apathetic. It’s easy to get irritated at others this time of year when they aren’t as friendly as you’d like. I encourage you to realize that not everyone is in your shoes. Instead of jumping to conclusions, be Jesus to them. Be that person that makes them feel wanted and needed. No matter who this person is. It could be the person that is checking you out at the grocery store, the person that just cut you off while driving, or the person that grabbed the last can of food you needed as you were reaching for it. Put a smile on your face and be Jesus to them. It can change your whole world too. **And no, I don’t mean be a pushover, but really consider what your motives are and if what you are about to say or do is worth it.

If you are the person that is hurting during this season. I pray that you will feel the love of Jesus. I pray that you will feel the way bubs feels when I have my arms around him. I pray that you would feel God’s arms around you at all times embracing you with love and compassion. I pray that you will have people that surround you that will do just what you need them to do at the right time. I pray that you will find joy in your sorrow.

To everyone, have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a joyous start to your new year. I pray you feel Jesus’ love at all times during the holiday season. He is why we are celebrating and why we get to have such a fun and magical holiday! Enjoy every last bit of it.

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