Yesterday I rearranged our living room while bubs napped. I’m not really sure what came over me to think that I could move our couch and other furniture, but I usually find a way when I want something badly enough. This was no different. I managed to move a chair, TV, and move our sectional around. Everything is so much more open feeling and just put a little pep in my step. Plus, I like change. I thrive on change. However, sometimes being still is just as good, if not better than having change.

After bubs woke up from his nap it was just quiet and still in the house. It was peaceful. I wasn’t sure why or what had happened, but he played quietly on his own, every once in a while pulling me over to play with him in between me folding loads of laundry and starting dinner, but then going back and playing alone. The tv wasn’t on. There wasn’t any music. It was just light, bright, quiet, and peaceful.

As I thought more about it I realized that yes, the room was more open and bright. The movement helped to open up the windows more and made it easier for him to get his bins of toys to the center of the room and play on his own. The other thing- I had done my quiet time that morning. I realized that I hadn’t done a quiet time in about 2 weeks. Life just got busy. I was behind on work. We went out of town. I was sleeping in a little later. So I hadn’t talked with God in a little while. Even though my quiet time in the morning is usually 10 minutes or less, it still starts my morning out the right way and gets my heart and mind to the right place.

It really made me reflect on the past couple of weeks. J and I had a few tiffs. I had a tiff with my parents when at their house. I’m not saying that I was wrong in some things, but I definitely could have handled each situation better. I wasn’t my best self over the last couple of weeks because I hadn’t been putting my focus on God. It’s important to do so no matter what, but really my quiet time in the morning helps me an incredible amount. It’s shocking how I change when I spend time in the Word or in a bible study first thing. I don’t just pray as I am doing something else, my whole focus is on God. Even if it isn’t for hours, it’s the first thing my mind is set to.

J got home and noticed the new layout and how much brighter it seemed. It helped that the sun was finally shining. He also mentioned how peaceful it was. I don’t solely set the tone for our home. I can’t do that on my own. But, I am the one at home at the moment. I am the one making our house a home and I do believe the first step in that isn’t hanging pictures on the wall or moving the furniture around. I believe the first step in making a house a home is inviting God in each and every day. I know He is here everyday, but I mean talking with Him, learning about Him, listening to Him, and starting your day by asking Him to dwell in your home.

I know that even when I do this there are going to be off days. I know that. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people and we will all do imperfect things. I do believe though that by starting my day with God rather than starting my day with instagram can change my entire outlook on a day, even if it one that is less than fun or peaceful.

I pray that I can remember this and reference my own findings and advice when I need it. It won’t be the last time I say things I shouldn’t or act a way that I shouldn’t. I think I can make those moments fewer though by inviting God in each day. For me, that is first thing in the morning. I get myself a little ready, get my smoothie, sit on the couch and have some God time. Yesterday, nothing bothered me. God was with me and in our home. The small things weren’t upsetting. Or as upsetting as they had been the past couple of weeks.

Our home was peaceful.

I believe kids pick up on these things too. They are so much smarter and more savvy than we give them credit for. Bubs was so calm and peaceful that it made for an easy evening as a family. Don’t get me wrong-he put up a bit of a fight at bedtime, but nothing outrageous.

Life isn’t perfect. It never will be. I think it can be better with a little time spent with God though. Ask Him to come spend some time with you today, tomorrow, and every day. Ask Him to come live in your home. Having God there makes it so much more inviting, loving, and…peaceful.

So, go ahead and do a little rearranging. Rearrange your furniture. Rearrange your pillows. Rearrange your schedule so that God is the first person you talk to in the morning. He will rearrange your heart and your mind. He will give you the strength, kindness, love, and peace you need to have a wonderful day. Each and every day.

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