Change (Part 2)

There is a totally different kind of change than the first that I wrote about. See here.

Change of heart. This one can be a little more complicated at times when dealing with others and finding a way to write this where it makes sense and is clear and concise has proven to be difficult to me.

Romans 12:2–Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Let’s start with this verse. As you go about trusting God and living a life for Him you cannot be conformed to this world. You cannot do as the world does and be viewed differently by others. As a christian you are supposed to stand out as different. Not in a weird way, don’t give christians a crazy name. OK? But you aren’t going to flaunt your body on instagram, you are going to try to not speak ill of others, you are going to try to live your life for Christ the best you can.

The change of this can be difficult if you haven’t ever been a christian before and your friends/family aren’t exactly fond of the change. This is THE big change in life that can sometimes be the hardest even though it is the best. I’ve been on both sides even though I was raised in a christian home. Just because my parents tried and did a good job (my brothers were better than me) doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle with the worldly view vs. God’s way.

In my other post I mentioned not burning bridges. I stand behind that 100%, because when becoming a christian or when coming back to Christ the idea isn’t to make people hate you or feel bad for their actions. The idea is that you keep your healthy distance so as to not waiver in your walk with Christ, while also being Christ-like towards them even when you are being made fun of or not understood. It’s a hard line to walk and sometimes you will have to walk away completely. Walk away completely for a season or for a lifetime. I hope its never for a lifetime because you want those family/friends to come to know God, but this is where you do have to look out for yourself and your walk with God. It’s a weird thing to write. God wants us to be kind, loving, and accepting of all. He does not want us to be like them though. He wants us to be like Him. We aren’t Him though and if there is a person or a group of people that are making you stumble. Get out now. Don’t ruin your walk with God based off of a boyfriend, a friend group, a mom, a dad. Again, hopefully these people in your life will come to Christ, but you CANNOT continue to stumble in your walk. There will be people that will come along and help you and pray with you. You need other believers in your life to help you. God doesn’t expect us to live a lonely life.

I’m writing this because in my other post it was hard to go into this. It was difficult to explain not burning a bridge over more trivial things versus burning a bridge over your relationship with Christ. The difference is that your life after death is at stake. Do you want to be transformed and go to heaven? Or do you want to just make other people happy and possibly end up in hell? That’s really what is at stake.

There is a difference between turning to God and shutting yourself off from everyone and turning to God and being a light. There are all different kinds of people in the world. You have to look at your situation and decide how to handle it. Was there a drinking problem (or something similar) and you feel pressured every time you around that group/person? You have to leave that situation. You cannot continue those relationships and maintain a healthy christian walk. Are they just not believers but supportive of you? Be kind. You can win them over by being Christ-like, but make sure you have people surrounding you that are like-minded so that you don’t grow weary.

There truly is so much more that could be said about this. The biggest thing is: a life for Christ isn’t the easy way. It’s also not the hard way. It’s the straight and narrow but you will find real life and a life worth living through Christ.

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