Clean Your Home Daily

I had a few requests on this post after mentioning this in my stories on instagram a few times. I do clean our home daily. I don’t clean all of it, but I clean something every single day. Here’s how I do it and don’t go crazy.

  • I always set a timer.
  • I always make a list.
  • I always do one load of laundry.
  • I always make time for myself.

I set a timer because then I’m not constantly looking at the time or at my phone. It wastes precious time. If I set my timer for 30 minutes then I know I have 30 minutes to get x, y, and z done. When the timer goes off I stop what I’m doing or finish up a small task and call it a day. I choose anywhere between 30 min- 1 hour and clean like a mad woman. Ha! I also sometimes meal prep instead of clean. Just depends on the day!

I make a list because I read somewhere that when you mark something off your list it releases endorphins or something like that in your brain. I think it’s true. I love to mark things off my list. It really makes me work harder and helps you to see your success.

I do one load of laundry a day because it helps to keep it from piling up. I used to wait to do all of our laundry once a week or every other week. It was awful. I always felt so overwhelmed. It takes work to do one a day or every other day, but I’ve found it to be totally worth it. I try to put the load in the washer first thing in the morning after waking up bubs and then have it in the dryer before nap starts. That way I can fold and put away while I watch TV.

I try to always make time for myself during nap. It looks different everyday but I try to make sure that I have some down time. It is greatly needed.

It almost goes without saying, but sometimes I drop the ball and certain things just don’t get done. I try to do all of these things on a daily basis to make sure our home is in good working order. J works so hard for us and gives me the opportunity to stay at home. It is such a blessing. While I am doing a full time job of taking care of bubs, I also realize that part of that job is keeping our home clean and making it a place that we all want to come home to and relax in. I am proud of what we have built together and want to keep it as nice as possible.

That’s all I do! Nothing amazing, but it works for me. I hope this helps you! I know it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything and finding little tips and tricks that can help or make life easier is what I’m all about.

**With being at home our schedule is completely clear. I’m still writing down my list and meals, but that is all that is in my planner. It is a difficult and weird time but we are keeping it as normal as possible around here. I hope these small tips can help you and help to keep you sane! Like I said, it’s nothing crazy or life changing. Right now though, setting your timer and not looking at your phone or the news is a REALLY good thing right now. Turn on some music and dance while you clean. Make it fun. This could also be a great time to teach your kids how to do laundry, how to clean a home, how to cook, etc. Take advantage of this crazy moment in time. It will end. So enjoy it while you have it.

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