quarantine chronicles

Day 1 of our true stay inside time has happened. We have technically been inside for the last week, but have continued to do grocery pick-up and curbside for small businesses around town. As of yesterday we decided it was time to really stay in/walk around the neighborhood only. In an effort to remember these days for bubs I’m going to write as often as I can about what we are doing. I may not share them all, but will share a few. I’m planning to make these into a book one day and have them ready for him way later in life. This will not be a place to find great toddler ideas. Ha! To be honest, bubs is great at being inside. His naps aren’t lasting as long as they used to since he doesn’t have playdates and not as much outdoor time, but he’s coping really well. Cars are his favorite things right now and he could play with them all day long it seems like. So, we are playing with cars. A LOT.

Here’s what we are loving about this time.

Every morning Daddy goes to work in the back room of our home. His job is remote right now and I’m not mad about it. He is the ideal employee. He works just like he would at work and follows the rules. He usually went for a coffee run to starbucks with coworkers in the morning, but instead, he now comes to the kitchen and makes coffee around 9 am. Here’s what I love SO MUCH about this. You, my sweet boy, go down the hall (after I tell you that it’s okay), knock on the door, say “hello!”, Daddy opens the door, you say, “copee” and you two make coffee together in the morning. It’s the sweetest thing. After Daddy pours his coffee he goes back to work and you say bye as if you understand what is going on. Without all of this going on, Daddy would still be doing a coffee run with guys from work-which there is nothing wrong with, but when I think about the memories being made at 9 am every single day I get so emotional. We are so blessed. Every morning you have 10 minutes that you look forward to with Daddy. You’ve never had time like this before with Daddy. Maybe you won’t remember, you’re only 2 after all, but I pray that you will remember the feeling. The feeling of love surrounding you during this weird time.

We facetimed one of my brothers and his wife today along with your grandparents and great grandparents. Facetiming is an amazing gift for a time like this. You love to see them all, even when you are distracted by what’s on TV or the blocks in front of you. You talked about ‘An Aubey ‘and ‘Unl Onnie’ half of the morning. We are a little more used to facetiming them since they are in Germany now, but since we aren’t on the go right now, our talks with them (and all the other family) seem so much more significant and make more of an impact on you. I’m not even sure what you are saying about them but you just say their names in string of babble and we know that you are thinking of them. I love it. You also said, “mi you” today, prompted of course but it was too cute and sweet.

We’ve also been doing several family walks a day. We are blessed to live in a neighborhood where we aren’t close to anyone while walking around. We unfortunately can’t play on the playground, but oh well. Your dad and I get a chance to see each other a little more than normal and you love to read Dr. Suess books while you sent contently in the stroller. It’s the best. You’re learning where other people in the neighborhood live because we are walking so much. We can go 3 street up and over and you can name a person that lives in a certain home. That absolutely amazes me. You are an incredibly smart little man.

We also had lunch with Daddy and saw lots of neighbors outside. It is so hard keeping you away from them. They are your little friends and I hate that you have to miss out on that time and social interaction. You are handling it well though and I’m VERY thankful for that.

Basically, day one consisted of cars, walks, eating, cars, walks, and eating. I wouldn’t have it any other way right now. Except getting to see other family members of course. We miss some of our day-to-day activities, but again, bubs and J get to make ‘copee’ together every morning. It’s more than worth it.

**It’s a weird time and an unfortunate time for many and I do realize that. I don’t mean to trivialize what others are going through. We pray daily for our family, friends, country, and world. This is not something we want to continue, but I pray that we can realize through all of this how important our families truly are. I’m kind of hoping when this is all said and done that J can work from home more regularly so we can continue some of these small things. I just want to document what is going on in our lives so that bubs can read these one day and see the pictures of what we did. I think it’s a pretty incredible thing for him to learn from in the future.

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