What’s for dinner? (Week 12)

All during quarantine we have been making meals that have pantry staples and some items we have in the fridge. We’ve had to get creative at times and it’s honestly been fun. I’m the first to admit that I’m not making up a bunch of new recipes or trying crazy new dishes, but we are making the most of what we have on hand minus a few grocery pick ups here and there for fresh produce. No contact necessary! So this one (and the next few) will look a little different but maybe it can give you some fun ideas and inspiration to make some new things or turn the mundane into extraordinary with what you have on hand. This week we did a date night. Head to the bottom of this post to see what special thing we did together!

Grilled Chicken and Veggies: I grilled two chicken breasts and then made kabobs with two other chicken breasts! Night one was grilled chicken breast sliced, over basmati rice, with grilled zuchinni, squash, fennel, sweet onion, and sweet peppers. I also made a green onion infused olive oil to drizzle over the top. I learned this from my friend Thuy! Check out instagram to see how she does it-I also shared how I did it on stories! It’s a very light and nice flavor. Not at all as pungent as we thought it would be. It smells heavenly when it is simmering on the stove. So, I marinated my chicken in EVOO, S+P, and then some fresh lemon juice. I grilled it on medium heat for 8 minutes on both sides. Crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Just make sure your chicken is cooked all the way to 160 degrees internally. Let it rest under foil for 5-10 min before you cut into it. (I love this site for how to grill the perfect chicken every time!)I marinated my veggies in the same thing and added some fresh garlic to it! I just grilled those on skewers. Just layered it all and added the infused olive oil. SO SO GOOD!

Grilled Chicken Kabobs: The easiest meal all week. I just used what I made from above and added fresh carrots, french fries (frozen of course) and then some taziki sauce. I got this sauce from Whole Foods when we did our last order pick up. I’d like to make it fresh someday but I didn’t want to hassle with it this time around. Ya’ll this was so good. We are having it again on Sunday night because we had leftovers. So yet again, another easy meal for us all. Also, I added onion salt to the fries. Gives them a nice kick. We served this one up family style on a nice little platter. Made it special!

Messy Nachos: We had crumbled up nachos. This was a mess but so good. We had less than half a bag of chips and half the chips were crushed. We had pinto beans and taco meat leftover so we made the best of it. Yes, I could have made a taco bowl or something but J really wanted nachos, so messy nachos are what he got. I added yellow onion, garlic powder, paprika, shredded cheese, jalapeno before putting them in the oven. Then some sour cream, cholula, and fresh guacamole to the top once out of the oven. We also had leftover vegan queso! This does not photograph well at all IMO, but holy moly, vegan queso for the win. It’s better than regular queso. This recipe is from this cookbook I just got and I’m so happy to have it!!

Sandwiches: We also did turkey sandwiches one night. We needed to use it before it went bad. Just mayo, red onion, cheese, turkey, and a little S+P. We had chips and dip -kale and spinach dip from TJ’s! Can’t wait to get back in that store!!

Date Night: I HIGHLY recommend a date night in during this time. Our date night did include bubs, but who cares? J grilled steaks, I grilled brussel sprouts and we baked …some baked potatoes. Such a good meal. We got a butcher box when all of the quarantin-ing started and have been working our way through what we ordered for 4 weeks now. All of the meat has been incredible and I’m so happy to have it delivered right to us. Now- to the best part of the night. After we put bubs to bed the real party started. J asked if we could make a souffle. Let me start by saying, we don’t cook together. We aren’t one of those cute couples that is in the kitchen together often. However, we wanted to do something together, something unique to us, and something just for us. We also have never made souffle and I had heard that it was very difficult. I am happy to report, no fighting happened, jazz music was playing, dancing in the kitchen took place, and souffle that rose perfectly all happened. It was a date night to remember. We also did a few instagram stories. Head that way to see how we made it all and what we did together! Here is the link for the souffle recipe that we followed.

I mean. Perfection. We still can’t believe it.

Bubs and I also baked this week. Shocker! I’m baking nonstop it feels like. It’s a great activity for bubs to help me with though. We really do have fun together. We baked TWO batches of chocolate chip cookies. I actually did freeze half of them but I have a feeling they will making a debut earlier than planned. ha!

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