As J and I are believing for some things right now I had been thinking about something while this whole mess throughout the world still unfolds. We are believing for some things for our family right now that have nothing to do with health or wealth, even though, yes, we are still praying for those things every day. I’m talking out of the ordinary things for us though. I can’t wait to share what these things are but for now they will be kept just to us. However, as we are praying for these things and as I was washing dishes last night I was praying and thinking and a few things came to mind. I am writing this to help build my faith and hopefully yours as well along the way.

Let’s take the term ‘desires of your heart’ and run with it. Think for a second about what desires you have. What desires or dreams do you have that are on your heart right now? What’s the very first thing(s) you thought about? Ok, now that you have that in mind, does it line up with God’s word? I mean, does it go against God at all? No? Ok. Have you been believing for that thing? Or have you just randomly thought about it and moved on. Honestly, I still think that God listens to those small seemingly insignificant thoughts you have, but if you are really wanting something then you have to actively take the time to believe for it and pray for it. I don’t care what it is. It could be your health, finances, a new bed, a child, a tomato plant, longer hair (I’m in this boat right now-I chopped off my hair and am believing for supernatural growth, haha), new shoes,….. honestly I could go on for days. Do you see what I mean though? It can be BIG or it can be something that deep down you know is completely ridiculous or insignificant seeming but you desperately want it.

This is where I want to warn you in your believing. Don’t stop believing. It may not happen in your timing. And frankly, waiting is hard for something you want. Giving up isn’t the answer. Once you get it, it may not even be exactly what you had dreamt up because God had something even bigger and better in mind. So wait AND believe. Actively talk to God about your desires. Also, truly make sure your heart is in the right place. Do you want to land that gig to make someone else jealous? Then that’s not going to happen the way you had hoped, more than likely, but I could be wrong. The point is, don’t stop believing for the crazy and make sure you are doing what lines up with God’s word.

Here’s why I won’t stop believing for our current desires. I am a parent now and I understand this concept more now than ever. I so desperately want bubs to have whatever his little heart desires and MORE. I want him to have that piece of chocolate, the cool light up shoes, no acne during the teenage years, the exact career he wants, a wife that is beautiful inside and out that just adores him, money to travel and to save for retirement plus a lake house, …..again, I could keep going for YEARS on this one. I want him to have everything he ever wants. Will that happen? I don’t know. Sometimes we want things that aren’t good for us. Sometimes he wants that 45th piece of chocolate for the day, but I can’t give it to him because I know it isn’t good for him. You better believe I’ll give him another piece the next day though. I’m praying for his life every single day. That it becomes even more fulfilling by the hour and that he sees God in it all.

Why do I bring this up? It’s simple really. We are all God’s children. If I want that for my son then I know without a doubt that He wants the same for me, for us. He truly does. He wants us to live life big and live a good life. It doesn’t mean you’ll have the coolest most expensive car, the biggest house, the best this or that. It does mean though that just as much as I want bubs to have the desires of his heart, God wants us to have the desires of ours. Again, don’t take this so far out of context. We don’t live life in a constant “gimme gimme gimme”.

Last thing. One of the reasons I choose to believe for certain “worldly” things and one of the reasons I truly believe we have been so blessed is that we put our faith first and have given our lives to God. This means that our money is not only our money. I don’t divulge this for a pat on the back. I share it to give you something to think about. We are stewards of God’s money. Meaning, we give every single month. Sometimes it is a set amount and sometimes we give more. We pray about what we need to do and do it. And yes, in the beginning it was hard to see that money go out every month. I’ll be honest, sometimes it still is. Our hearts are in the right place though and we are giving to others that need it far more than we do. We haven’t gone without either. Looking at our bank account some months it doesn’t make sense, but we both know that we have given to God’s kingdom and that’s one of the best things we could ever do on earth. And maybe you can’t give money at the moment, but you can always find a way to give of your time. God will honor that too.

No matter what you are believing for-God is for you. I am for bubs in all areas of life. Gosh, I want him to have everything he ever wants in life. Every little thing. I’m so grateful to have a heavenly father who feels the same way about me and you. So, when you think that those table lamps you are wanting are insignificant and too small to ask for, think again. God just might surprise you. Don’t be annoyed when it doesn’t happen in your timing or the way you wanted it to. Be thankful. I’m still waiting on new dining room table chairs and master bedroom furniture that isn’t from J’s college days. The budget just doesn’t allow for it at the moment. They’re coming though. How? I don’t know. But they are.

Start believing in your dreams, wants, desires, no matter how big or how small. Check your heart. Make sure it lines up with God. And always give to the kingdom of God, whether it’s money or time.

Don’t forget. You are God’s child. I know God wants even more for me than I want for bubs, but that concept is hard to understand. I know how much I love bubs and don’t ever want to see him hurting or upset. God is the same for us, but even more. He already showed us this by dying for us. What an incredible Father we have.

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